Obtaining DV Protection Orders:

Domestic violence is a serious and continuing problem in the state of Washington as elsewhere.  Many legal and other resources are available to victims and potential victims of domestic violence.  See for instance http://crisis-support.org/  and http://www.metrokc.gov/dvinfo/dv5_0.htm.

See this website “Restraining Orders” for discussion of restraining orders that may be available through the court, to help you protect yourself and your children or other family members.
Contact  Seattle Family Law immediately if you need to obtain  a domestic violence protection order.

If you are defending DV Protection Order:

Accusations of domestic violence often arise in connection with a divorce or custody matter. A finding of domestic violence can have severe, long-lasting ramifications:

You may lose joint physical custody of your children or visitation rights.

You may be restricted from joint decision-making (legal custody).

It can affect your current employment or future job prospects.

You can lose your right to possess firearms and other rights.

You may be required to attend anger management counseling, undergo a psychological evaluation, and submit to drug testing.

Contact  Seattle Family Law immediately if you are facing a domestic violence protection order.