At Seattle Family Law, we are strong believers in building a partnership with our clients. Unique preferences of each client may demand different levels of participation in the case.

We offer full spectrum of legal services in family law area: from consulting self-represented clients to full representation.  Most cases do not go to trial.  Through our counsel clients reach settlements  either using a “mediation” or direct negotiations with the other side.

However, If trial becomes necessary because the parties are not able to reach agreement, we will stand with you throughout the process. We also have experience in entering the case just on the “eve” of trial.

Trials are emotionally and financially burdensome and as such are “evil” in themselves.We are skilled and experienced in organizing your case for presentation to the trial court in the most persuasive way possible. The Washington legal system provides an excellent forum to assist the judge in reaching fair decisions.

Seattle Family Law also provides consulting services to clients who choose to pursue or defend their legal matters on their own.  “Access to court” including access by non-lawyers, is a United States constitutional right.  Many people who make this choice do so because they cannot afford to retain an attorney.  If you are in this situation do not resort to paralegal service or  solely, to self-education. We offer “unbundled services”, that is, hourly-based legal advice and/or  document preparation with no on-going obligation to the client or attorney.  We can help you prepare your documents and case presentation strategy to maximize your chances of success.